Monday, March 12, 2007

End Of Feb Portfolio Update

Once again sorry for the lack of updates. I just have not had the time to post anything but I have kept in touch with the market. There has been some significant movement in the sharemarket recently and I just realised I have not put up the End of Feb figures for the portfolio.

Positions Changed:

Current Position:
RHD Bought at 65c now trading at 69.5c for a PROFIT of 4.5c (7%)
SCV Bought at 80c now trading at 77c for LOSS of 3c (-4%)
FEA Bought at 63c now trading at 71c for a PROFIT of 8c (12%)
CKL Bought at 59c now trading at 51c for LOSS of 8c (-14%)
MCP Bought at $2.65 now trading at $2.93 for a PROFIT of 28c (10%)
ASU Bought at 3.3c now trading at 3.1c for LOSS of 0.2c (-6%)

Cash : $51,066
RHD : $10,692
SCV : $ 9,625
FEA : $11,269
CKL : $ 8,644
MCP : $11,056
ASU : $ 9,393

Total : $111,745

Monthly Performance
Month 1: Profit of $4,688. Annualised this is a gain of 56%.
Month 2: Profit of $6,844. Annualised this is a gain of 78%.
Month 3: Profit of $ 213. Annualised this is a gain of 2.5%.

Closed Trades :
ITD Bought at 41.5c SOLD at 57.5c for a PROFIT of 16c (38%)
AVE Bought at $2.19 SOLD at $2.65 for a PROFIT of 46c (21%)
MPH Bought at $0.225 SOLD at $0.34 for a PROFIT of 11.5c (51%)

It is very hard to find profitable stocks even thought the market is very volitile and is falling and rising every few days. I am happy that February ended in a profit although had I been watching it more closely I would have been out of a few stocks with a much higher profit ( we could have ended the month up around 4-5K). Anyway I still think these are the stocks to own and I will be holding them till a later date when I feel the are overpriced.

Good Luck Investing.