Sunday, July 30, 2006

Annual Reports

I have been looking at many annual reports lately for lots of companies and I just thought I would post some comments on them.

You can always tell what type of company it is based on the annual report. Take a look at Brazin and you will notice lots of women in underwear and a very sexy layout. This has two motives, to make the company look attractive and also to help distract the investor. In the Brazin case there was a few things which were noted in the review but overall they still looked good value. If you look at Funtastics report you will toys and a real comic type of layout with lots of pictures, charts and bright colours. This reflects the same way they advertise to kids and it shows in the directors reports which are a bit basic and you need to delve into the numbers a bit further to fully get a feel for the financial status of the company. Finally looking at finance company such as Mortgage Choice, you will see clean cut very factual statements. There is not as much colour or distractions and everything is focused on numbers.

I just thought it interesting as each company has to report the same information but they all layout it out based on the style of their business. This can be a pain sometimes as it hides important information in the back of the document and it takes a while to read through and find. but overall the annual report gives a nice indication and a feel for the business to the investors.

Have fun and let me know if you find any good annual reports worth looking at... I would recommend Brazin and Funtastic as they are both very interesting to read.

Good Luck.

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