Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where I was, where I am now, and where I am going ....

I hope you enjoy following this saga as I intend to outperform the index (ASX 200) by 5 points (or 5%) a year. Since I started this 6 months ago for real I can take you through where I was, where I am now and where I am heading.

I started trading my superannuation (as well as invesment money) using fundamental analysis back in January 2006. My first purchase was MOC on 3rd Jan 2006.
The time line of my purchases is below :

  • 03/01/2006 - MOC ($1.53)
  • 22/03/2006 - ASU ($0.022)
  • 27/03/2006 - MMA ($0.93)
  • 11/05/2006 - ITF ($1.04)
  • 30/05/2006 - MCW ($1.875)
  • 18/07/2006 - BRZ ($1.40)
  • 18/07/2006 - FUN ($1.725)
One thing that should be noted is that I have not done many trades. In fact I still hold all of these positions. Today (22/07/2006) shows that 5 of the 7 stocks are in profit (after dividends are taken into account).

The highest return has been MOC with a 77.4% return. The lowest is a 9.1% loss in ASU. Of the 5 stocks which are in profit 3 are up by more than 10% ( 11.4%, 34.6% and 77.4%). The other 2 are showing 2.9% and 2.1%. Those down are down by 9.1% and 1.4%. With ASU being down 9.1% is not a major hit to the portfolio as it has the smallest allocation of capital as it is a speculator due to its price.

So that pretty much covers where I am. Performance on the portfolio is a return of 17.3%. The majority of money has not been invested for the timeframe which makes this return even more special to me as it shows a good displine on when and where I am placing my funds.

During the same time frame the ASX 200 has advanced from 4780 to 4960. This is a gain of 3.7%

The aim of my trading is to outperform the index by 5% a year. I am extatic that I am currently above the targeted goal.

I believe that has outlined what I have been doing, how I am currently situated and where I intend to head in the future as far as goals.

Please keep in touch and add any comments on any of the articles I post as it is here for me to learn from you as much as it is here for you to learn from me.

Good Luck investing

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