Sunday, August 13, 2006

ASU - The Good news ....

It is always nice to own part of a company that starts its communications with shareholders as

"The Company is delighted to report its most profitable year ever."

Looking at the figures you can't complain, sales up, profit up, eps up. It goes on and on.

Now what should be the new price target ... well I would prefer to review the annual report before setting these but the initial numbers are suggesting an increase of 20%-25%.

With this in mind we should assume a price rise somewhere near the 25% gain.
Our old target was a 1.4c so 25% on this is 1.7c A long way below the current price of 2.9c.

Of course those that were able to get in have had a nice gain.... This stock should conitnue to streak ahead in the future.

Good Luck to everyone who took my speculators dream tip.

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