Thursday, September 28, 2006

A couple of speculators

Here are a couple of speculators that have passed my intial look over.

I still need to go over them a bit more but I think they are worthwhile investigating if you are looking for some speculation stocks to add to your portfolio.

The first is Amcom Telecommunications Limited (ASX:AMM) . They are a broadband provider that should make a high return on their investments in the near future. They are signing up customers like crazy and the cash is starting to roll in.

The second is Legend Corporation Limited (ASX:LGD) . They are an electronics engineering and manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and distributes memory based products including memory modules and related computer components. They have moved their operations off shore and are staritng to reap the benefits. They should have significant earnings movement in the next few years.

The third is AJ Lucas Group Limited (ASX:AJL). They are in engineering and construction of utility infrastructure for industries including energy, water, waste water and telecommunications industries in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Lucas is the largest directional drilling company in the Asia-Pacific and has advanced technology for infrastructure installation. They have a good customer base, good projects in the pipeline and should continue to deliver earnings in the near future.

The last is Ross Human Directions Limited (ASX:RHD). They are a Human Resources Management and Consulting services to Australias largest corporations and public service organizations. They have a great customer base, are consious of costs and should deliver a continued growth in earnings and dividends for the longer term.

I hope this gives you some good speculators to follow and hopefully they provide a nice boost for your porfolio.

Good Luck.

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