Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brambles are worth a look

According to reports Brambles Industries Ltd will buy back stock after its unification. Its Australian and UK-listed companies will be merged in December 2006. It is then expected to buy back up to $US2.5 billion ($A3.3 billion) of stock.

Looking at the company it is one to be in for the future. At the current PE of 13 makes this a bargain for a solid business who has a good history for growth and stable cashflow.

I would rate this company as fully valued at the moment but when taking into account the history of the company and the continued growth in the future it is a fair price. This is a problem we sometimes run into with good companies - they don't come at bargain based prices, so we need to take any opportunites where they are available.

Good Luck Investing

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