Friday, November 03, 2006

Brazin takeover priced at $1.81

Brazin released an annoucnement of a takeover for $1.81

This is a significan't increase on my buy price of $1.40 At this stage I
see this as a good price to seel BRZ as consumer discretionaries are going
to be having a tough time in the next few years. Brazin Ltd is a good
company but at a 29% profit it is well worth taking the offer and moving
into other areas which are undervalued. 1.81 would put BRZ at a PE of 13
which would be less that the average market. At PE of 15 valued the
company at approx $2.04. While we are selling the company at an
undervalued price I still feel this is a good option in the short term due
to the trading environment.

Good Luck investing

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