Friday, December 29, 2006

End of Year Portfolio Update

This Portfolio has come to the end of its first month. It was started on the 13th Dec but to make it easier I will go by the end of month results.

So how did it perform ?

RHD Bought at 65c now trading at 62c for a LOSS of 3c (-4.6%)
SCV Bought at 80c now trading at 80c for a BREAKEVEN (0.0%)
FEA Bought at 63c now trading at 63.5c for a PROFIT of 0.5c (0.7%)
ITD Bought at 41.5c now trading at 52c for a PROFIT of 10.5c (25%)
CKL Bought at 59c now trading at 62.5c for a PROFIT of 3.5c (5.9%)
MCP Bought at $2.65 now trading at $2.84 for a PROFIT of 19c (7.1%)
AVE Bought at $2.19 now trading at $2.46 for a PROFIT of 27c (12.3%)

Cash : $30,000
RHD : $ 9,538
SCV : $10,000
FEA : $10,079
ITD : $12,530
CKL : $10,593
MCP : $10,716
AVE : $11,232

Total : $104, 688

Month 1: Profit of $4,688 or 4.688%. Annualised this is a gain of 56%.

The strike rate on this was 5 out of 6 stocks at breakeven or higher. Only 1 stock showing a slight loss.

My goal is to average around 20% for each year ( or 1.66% a month ).

For those interested my personal portfolio is up 37% this year (JAN 06 to JAN 07). It has had 11 trades and only 1 is showing a minor 5% loss.

Good Luck Investing.

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