Saturday, January 20, 2007

Berkshire Hathaway Inc Letters - Warren Bufett

Everyone in the world who has ventured into investing has heard of the extraordinary investments made by Warren Buffett. He is regard as the top investor of our time and it is amazing how different his philosophies are from the majority of the fund managers out there.

The best place you can read up on Warren Buffetts style is through his letters to the Berkshire Hathaway inc shareholders. The letters he has written from 1977 through to 2005 are available on the companies website. You should definitely have a read if you want to see a master at work.

The best way to emulate a master investor is to know as much about him as possible. Here is a timeline of Warren Buffetts life so far and a short biography is available here.

Even the wikipedia has a section dedicated to Warren Buffett.

I learnt a lot from reading the letters and reading about Warren Buffetts life and I can not overstate the importance of researching his management style if you want to be a successful fundamental long term investor. He is by far the most influential person (along with Graham) for today's fundamental investor schools. He has a lot of person qualities that you should try to emulate when dealing with the market if you also want to be successful.

Good Luck Investing.


toughiee said...

i have created a compilation on WEB here >> http://www.onlineathens.com/stories/012007/uganews_20070120036.shtml

hope u like it


Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet is being touted as a possible Treasury Secretary - they certainly need somebody to sort ou the mess they've got themselves in.