Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SAI Global buying up big ...

Standards publisher SAI Global Limited (ASX:SAI) has made its second-largest acquisition by paying $59m for US compliance services provider Midi. This represents a multiple of 9.5 times, based on 2008 EBITDA. Analysts say the purchase is strategic and a good fit. SAI still has more than $A100m to spend on other acquisitions and expects to make two more in calendar 2007.

SAI is not a value stock but is a very good trend trading or growth stock. On a purely technical basis this is a very good stock but I don't think the trend can continue forever. It is already priced at 28 times earnings and is even priced at 22 times 2008 earnings estimates. Still as they say " The Trend is your friend till its not".

Good Luck Investing.

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