Friday, February 02, 2007

End of January - Portfolio update

Well time for the monthly update for January. How did we go ? Its an impressive result if you ask me especially considering only 60% of the available money is invested.

End Of Jan Position:

RHD Bought at 65c now trading at 73c for a PROFIT of 8c (12.3%)
SCV Bought at 80c now trading at 80c for BREAKEVEN (0%)
FEA Bought at 63c now trading at 73.5c for a PROFIT of 10.5c (16.6%)
CKL Bought at 59c now trading at 54c for LOSS of 5c (-9%)
MCP Bought at $2.65 now trading at $2.82 for a PROFIT of 17c (6.4c%)
MPH Bought at $0.225 now trading at $0.29 for a PROFIT of 6.5c (28.8%)

Cash : $45,955
RHD : $11,230
SCV : $10,000
FEA : $11,666
CKL : $ 9,152
MCP : $10,641
MPH: $12,888

Total : $111, 532

Month 1: Profit of $4,688. Annualised this is a gain of 56%.
Month 2: Profit of $6,844. Annualised this is a gain of 78%.

Closed Trades :
ITD Bought at 41.5c SOLD at 57.5c for a PROFIT of 16c (38%)
AVE Bought at $2.19 SOLD at $2.65 for a PROFIT of 46c (21%)

The return this year is 11.5% for this portfolio. Still I stress that there is not many shares to buy which may mean that the portfolio could become stagnant in the next few months while I am searching for undervalued shares. I will also post an updated version of this for Feb this weekend as I have decided to sell out of MPH at the current price.

I should also have bought into PBA but forgot to add it to the portfolio on the day. I won't be adding it at the current price but I am happy to say it is in my portfolio of stocks that I currently hold.

Good Luck Investing.

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