Friday, February 16, 2007

Market Above 6000

I know this is a late post but congratulations to traders for pushing the market over 6000.

No matter where you look these days analysts are stating that the market is approaching full value, is fully valued or is overvalued. I am one of the analysts saying the market is definitely overvalued.

The market is trading at a PE of 17 which is higher than the adjusted ( for booms, crashes) PE range of 14.5-15.5. This means the market is overpriced by at least 9.6%

I have also been reading that people were amazed at how quickly the market shot up 1000 points. This is only 20% and the last year has been a good year for the market. It took 11 months to make the range.

Anyway lets hope for some sideways movement or even a bit of a decline as the market is defying gravity at the moment. And as they say the further it goes up ... the further, and quicker it drops.
Good Luck Investing

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