Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Channel Nine slow on uptake of Digital TV

Nine Network Australia has refused to disclose when it will launch a new high-definition digital channel. With Seven Network and Ten Network rolling out such new services in December 2007, Nine suggested it is making progress with a new high-definition offering, but said it has no announcement to make in regards to the issue. Goldman Sachs JBWere analysts said with ageing broadcast infrastructure, a limited number of quality programs and strained relationships with its broadcast partners, Nine is unlikely to immediately follow Seven and Ten in launching its digital channel

Nine is falling behind in the stakes to get the digital audience in the future. When you look at it, this may affect major contracts such as the Rugby league as these institutions will look for those companies that can offer the most to the viewers. This can only be seen as a negative for a company that is in a cut throat industry.

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